Electric Harp Guitar Group
Guitarists William Eaton, Anthony Mazzella, and Fitzhugh Jenkins to debut new instruments, a new concept, and a new sound.

While the three guitarists have performed many times as soloists, and with other groups, this will be the first time the Electric Harp Guitar Group will perform in a series of concerts in the Sedona area, in August and September. The guitarists play original music composed specifically for the newly designed instruments and also improvisations that are a reflection of the combined awareness of the musicians, the concert space, and the audience.

Listeners at the upcoming concerts will be treated to a sonic journey that explores the ancient past and future of stringed instruments. From the plucked entrainment of the one-string shamanÕs bow, to the present and future of guitar synthesizer and computer modeled instruments, attendees should expect to be transported.